The Poplin Baby Readiness Assessment was created by pre-pregnancy experts and it synthesizes over 50 health and lifestyle factors to create a more holistic view of your fertility. We start with micro-details like period or hormonal symptoms and medical conditions, then move to the macro: your environment, your physical activity level, stress level, diet, and more.

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By learning about your overall Pre-pregnancy wellness, you can get a broader set of insights about what might affect your ability to conceive or to have a healthy pregnancy and baby.

*Thinking* about getting pregnant, actively trying, just looking around? Regardless of where you’re at, we help couples get ready to get pregnant. Poplin is the first pre-pregnancy wellness company for couples built by experts in the field. We empower conceiving couples to take control of their pre-pregnancy journey with our step-by-step preparation process, starting with pre-pregnancy wellness lab testing.